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5 Tips on how to attract volunteers

No doubt that volunteers are one of the most important and valuable resource of the non – profit and public organization. Due to create value in sustainable community building and development, the organizations involve and commit volunteer to share their voice and message to the community, encourage others to participate in volunteering, and help your organization achieve its mission. However, sometimes attracting volunteer and keep a long – term relationship with volunteer be come an issue of an organization. The following are some ideas of effectively fascinating volunteers for your operation.

  1. Good plan for a stimulating volunteering campaign:

First of all, make sure your volunteer activities are interesting and practical. Most of volunteer consider this is an opportunity to training, experience life, expression youth spirit and a sense of responsibility to the community and society. Even when looking for volunteer helping in office daily task, show how it will be helpful and how fun the working atmosphere is expected.

Then plan to get yourself ready before recruitment, have a clear job description for volunteers, don’t forget to outline volunteers’ achieving benefit and arising benefit to community. Also, be flexible for volunteer show their potential and satisfied in their role.

  1. An effective communication announcement:

Based on your needs, design events that attract volunteers from a variety of audiences, extent the range of ages and interests. Why not modify the recruitment process for the audience that will most likely see it? For instance, why don’t create a communication plan for your volunteer program, making it a fantastic experience from the first step. In a strong volunteer program, once your volunteers enjoy themselves, others attendees enjoy themselves then communication in your event never stops.

Promote your events on social media to attract volunteers: indeed, living in the 4.0 era, most people spend a lot of time on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. The organization should have a short presentation on social media and use it effectively to promote community involvement and fascinate volunteers. 

Social media are also a great way to illuminate organization stories. Share photos from volunteer activities, reflection note from attendees and thanks note from beneficiaries, etc. Sharing a brief story and image might increases the chances of commitment as people easily visualize how interesting of your volunteer activities, and provides people the perfect opportunity to sign up for your coming event.

  1. Attract volunteers from your existing donor pool:

Your donors are already interested in your activities as they are willing to donate their money to it. Might understanding, their financial support is the way they volunteering. Though, some donors may also support by involving in your volunteer activities themselves. Even if the donors cannot joint in, they are also more tending to pass your actively recruiting volunteers to others in their networks.

  1. Mobilize your current volunteers’ networks: 

Encourage your existing volunteers to bring their friends, spouse, and children. As in some social activities, people love to volunteer with friends and family. They will have chance to have great experience together and remarkable time growing together.

To help promote your “bring a friend” campaign, you can send text messages or email reminders and encourage volunteers to invite friends and family members, promise funs and joints as if they come with more familiars.

  1. Show appreciation:

Last but not least, never forget to indication your appreciation early and often: everybody wants acknowledgment and a thank you. It could be a thank you at the closing time of the events/ campaigns, a thank you letter to follow up a post-event, or a celebrating party to pronouncing their efforts, a gift or thank your from beneficiaries, etc. it’s all work. It’s often a simple action that makes all the difference, and that’s how to keep your volunteer long – term relationship.

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