BVBP; youth organization that develops volunteer activities at national and international level.

On November 23, 1982, the Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos of Peru was founded by Mr. José Chang Ricoba, with the aim of training youth social leaders nationwide, allowing an active participation in the face of social changes for the benefit of the community.

Currently, we are one of the main youth volunteer networks in Peru, with 16 youth groups organized in different cities of the country, with our national headquarters in the city of Lima.

During these 37 years, we have promoted many volunteer actions in Peru and in different parts of the world, with youth volunteer programs and intercultural exchanges. We also carry out many projects with European organizations with the EVS European Voluntary Service programs and currently with the ERASMUS + program.

We are members of different international volunteer networks such as: CCIVS Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service, UNOYpeacebuilders and Guests this year of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organizations network.



  • Education and training for youth leaders.
  • Encouraging the organization of young people in their own spaces, and the integration of youth organizations of Peru.
  • Promote the practice of active and responsible citizenship among its members.



  • Training seminars on leadership, personal development, political participation, project formulation.
  • Volunteer exchange programs with national and international youth organizations.
  • Health campaigns, sexuality, ecology, environment. Education, drug prevention, etc.
  • Formation of micro-enterprises with young entrepreneurs
  • Social outreach activities: visits to hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes, homes for children with HIV, vocational orientation workshops, etc.
  • Cultural dissemination activities: art exhibitions, visits to museums, theaters, volunteering Heritage etc.
  • Recreation and use of leisure time (camps, field trips, domestic tourism, etc.)



Workcamps: 8 workcamp projects in different parts of the country

Short-term and long-term projects: 6 projects for international volunteers from 3, 6 to 12 months.

International Aboriginal Youth Internships Initiative (IAYI), with Canadian indigenous volunteers, receiving 34 indigenous youth from Canada who for 4 months carry out their internships in Indigenous communities in Peru.


Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú
Country: Peru

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