Círculo Italo Argentino Raíces Sardas Buenos Aires Norte

The “Círculo Italo Argentino Raíces Sardas Buenos Aires Norte” is a non-profit association born in San Isidro in 2000, in the North Area of Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. The Association seeks to promote cultural, humanistic, economic, tourist and professional exchange among Sardinians and descendants established in Argentina and their families through various activities and interdisciplinary projects, particularly with Sardinia Region (Italy) and their institutions, Public Administration, N.G.O., Universities, Schools.

On several occasions we organize exhibitions and craft fairs and Sardinian cuisine, as well as promoting tourism and Sardinian culture in Argentina.
We are part of CRENAI – North Regional Council of Italian Associations, created and sustained by the various Italian authorities and the Municipality of San Isidro.

Our youngsters participated in various exchanges with Sardinia, including in the field of projects funded by the European Union and the Sardinia Region, being able to learn Italian and Sardinian culture, through cultural trips around the island. Young people have formed a Council composed of members of the 7 Sardinian associations in Argentina, which meets at least once a year.

 CIARSBAN aims to develop projects that value the ties between the two countries, help as much as possible Sardinians and descendants residents in Argentina and promote exchanges among members, Argentinians and Italians.

Summing up, our main goals are:

  • Individual development of each member;
  • Acquiring new skills and abilities;
  • Promote social inclusion using Sport, Nature and Art;
  • Create link with European an Argentinian Youth Associations;
  • Develop youth movement all over Europe & Argentina;
  • Increase knowledge using non formal education;


Country: Argentina

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