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Different types of volunteering

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Starting date: 19/06/2022, duration:

Country: VN

City: Ha Noi

Target group: from 18 year-old

Criteria: English skills

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Volunteering is one of the best ways to use your skills for good and immerse into another culture. In this post, I would like to introduce you to the different types of volunteer work.

  1. Volunteer with children and youth NGOs

If you love working with kids, there are so many NGOs to work with, all aiming for the improvement of children’s lives. They can be children who live in low-income countries with a lack of food, water, etc.

By choosing one of these NGO volunteer opportunities, you get to bring positivity, joy, and love to the lives of underprivileged children.

  1. Volunteer with teaching skills

A great way to volunteer is in a school. Being an English teacher will be a good idea because English is an international language that connects people around the world. Another benefit of volunteer opportunities in schools is that you can integrate with the locals and immerse in their culture.

I think this is the perfect type of volunteer work for beginner travelers. I had experience in teaching English to children from 8-12 years old when I traveled to Vietnam. It was a great opportunity to help students improve their English as well as learn a lot about Vietnamese culture, which then helped me prepare for my trip through the country. Moreover, the kids were just amazing and made me feel so welcome.

  1. Work for environmental and community development

Community and Environment Development are incredibly beneficial. It is based on the belief that everyone should have access to health, wellbeing, education, and opportunities. Working with this development, you have a chance to participate in variable projects so that you can improve your social skills and gain experience.

Visiting C&E Center for Development of Community Initiative and Environment in Vietnam, you will have the opportunity to join in environmental projects like Ecoweek, Training of Trainers, etc or education projects like GoodFood School. Volunteering here will be such an incredibly rewarding and inspiring experience.

There are much more volunteer opportunities in different fields such as farming, health, tourism, etc. In this post, I have just shared the three common kinds of volunteering work. I hope this information will make you interested in volunteering as well as take an action to make the world become better.

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  • : 19/06/2022
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  • : Ha Noi
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