About Volunteering

Motivation behind volunteering

People volunteer for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are: building new and existing social networks, making new friends, developing skills and knowledge, making a difference in their community, and so on.

I will present to you top three reasons that motivate people that we believe are most important:


Finding a job or evolving into a career

Volunteering is a perfect way to boost your CV, to make good impressions and it makes you stand up from the crowd because it gives you opportunities to gain experience along with developing soft skills that can be an upgrade for your career or it can make you take part of a bigger team, being a supervisor or manager and this skills are desirable to the employers.


Personal Development

By volunteering you gain a lot of skills and experience that can be applied in your own life like taking initiative, problem-solving, being more creative, teamwork, managing your time, negotiating, and better attention to details. This is the main life skills that can equip you to work through various situations and challenges you may encounter.

It can also boost your confidence and it has been researched that volunteering has health benefits because we are living in this busy era, so taking time out from your busy schedules to volunteer can give you a new focus, an opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills.


Wanting to give something back

This is one of the most common facts we have come across because people always want to help others. Volunteers often choose some causes that are close to their hearts and it makes them feel that they are making a real difference to the lives of people they support. 

Volunteers are more motivated and it gives them more confidence when they see that they are part of the change in their community and that their actions are valued by the people.

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We understand what motivates you and we know the difference that you can make in your community. If you’re looking for more, you can see our latest articles or our Volunteers voice.

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