MV International (MVI)

MV International (MVI) is a network of 37 European NGOs (one per Country and with members in each of 27 Countries of UE), 8 associate organizations from Africa, Latin America and Asia, aimed at promoting participatory planning between NGOs fostering the exchange of knowledge among professionals in the field of European design. 

The European Non Governmental Organization [ENGO] MV International [MVI] is a nonprofit “association of organisations” that cultivates social involvement, initiates (training) events and directs community building activities towards inclusive, sustainable and reflective societies. 

The ENGO promotes participatory planning aligned to the 2020 priorities of the European Union (or thematic programmes of the United Nations) as well as related knowledge and best-practices exchange among professionals in the field of Social Innovation.


Activities carried out by its professionals, members and volunteers involve ‘joint’: policy studies; thematic research; regional surveys, proposal elaborations, project implementation, networking / training events – and more – the term ENGO defines the European design of the Network. 

MVI works in every sector of Erasmus+ and in other programmes like H2020, Cosme and Justice, among others. 

The ENGO MVI functions therefore as a global platform, open to stake-holding organisations and individuals with special expertise in the fields of Social Entrepreneurship, Non-Formal Education and Sustainability

The ENGO is coordinated through its headquarters based in Sassari (Italy) and Berlin (Germany).  


Legal Head:
1.Sassari (SS) Via Capo D’Oro 12 07100
2.Sassari (SS)Via Del Fiore Bianco 13A
3.Berlin Mitosis Coworking Weserstraße 165
VAT/CF: 91047900906
Phone number: +39 079 601 0000
Fax: +39 078 943 615

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