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Despite the COVID-19, we do not stop dancing from our homes. Enjoy this free online hip hop lesson entering to: https://www.facebook.com/LaNuevaSemillaPeru/videos/2580152838904828/

  • : Art and Culture
  • : 27/05/2020
  • : 1 hour
  • :
  • : Lima
  • : Children and teenagers
  • : Young people with internet access and mobile devices
  • : Free Hip hop lessons

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The New Seed (La Nueva Semilla)

The Research Center and Cultural Promotion LA NUEVA SEMILLA (THE NEW SEED), is a non-profit association, concerned about the development and welfare of children, adolescents and young people. It was created by our director Percy Vergara Mendivil, on February 25, 1998, in the district of Villa María del Triunfo, Lima, Peru; as an alternative to prevent some of the main social problems in the area, such as crime, drug addiction, alcoholism , gangs and family violence, which put at risk the talent and the social and personal development of children and adolescents. The main objective of LA NUEVA SEMILLA is to promote the capacities of young people in Southern Lima for their artistic and cultural development through urban dance fusioned with Peruvian Andean music, in order to strengthen our national identity so deeply rooted in the city youth because of discrimination. During these 20 years, more than 15,000 young people found in La Nueva Semilla an alternative to make good use of their spare time through art and culture, becoming leaders in social change. Thanks to this cultural impact in Southern Lima, we have managed to position ourselves as a Culture Point with resolution No. 443-DGIA-VMPCIC / MC and belong to the Cultura Viva Comunitaria network, programs of the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Metropolitan Lima, respectively. Thanks to this work with the youth community of Villa María del Triunfo, we have obtained awards from public and private institutions: • Recognition for promoting social inclusion and youth development and reassessing our culture in the TV program ‘DREAM FACTORY’ - CHANNEL 9 ATV (2016) VIDEO: https://goo.gl/F51WDE • Recognition of the Congress of the Republic for the work done in benefit of young people (2016) VIDEO: https://goo.gl/d1TsWb • Recognition to our founder Percy Vergara for the trajectory of the institution La Nueva Semilla in the CONACO Award (2016) VIDEO: https://goo.gl/ccXrmU • Best Talent Preparation Company Award in the IBA Awards (2016) VIDEO: https://goo.gl/RJkXov • Recognition to our founder Percy Vergara as Meritorious Personality of Culture - Dance, by the Ministry of Culture (2017) VIDEO: https://goo.gl/4Edmfp • The contest for an economic fund of the Ministry of Culture of Peru to attend the IV Latin American Congress of Living Community Culture in four cities of Argentina (2018) URL: https://goo.gl/CJzr3M / https://goo.gl/AmuLwu • The 1st IberCultura Viva contest to support Networks and Collaborative Work Projects 2018, through which the district of Villa María del Triunfo will be able to hold an itinerant campaign to commemorate the ORDINANCE Nº 252-2018-MVMT in favor of the Living Community Culture (2018) URL: https://goo.gl/DxiWjr • IV Annual Art and Community Projects Contest of the Municipality of Lima - South Lima - Project of Community Workshops with vulnerable migrant and refugee children and teenagers from Venezuela "FUSION: DANCE AND MUSIC FOR SOCIAL INCLUSION" (https://bit.ly/3eyVLXl) • Call for Art Workshops in Community - South Lima - Project "COMMUNITY ART AND CULTURE FOR PEACE" with vulnerable children and adolescents from informal human settlement Committee 14C of Villa María del Triunfo (https://bit.ly/3i4f2lp)

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