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The ‘I’ in ‘We’: Appreciating the ‘Why’ of Volunteering

Today, humanity faces threats from all around, with climate change emerging as the most urgent of all. 

In just the recent year, the world has witnessed a surge of massive wild fires displacing communities and animals, the rapidly melting glaciers at a rate of 5 to 16 feet per day, a series of terrifying thunderstorms, and the extinction of 20 animal species including the Dodo Bird and the West African Black Rhino.

This issue, however, is one among many crises, with economic problems like hyperinflation threatening countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela, social issues such as human rights violations and continuing wars, and the lack of basic necessities across the globe (with 25% lacking access to clean water, 16% lacking electricity, and 50% lacking access to the internet around the world).

Hence, the call for volunteers is louder than ever before, where there is this need, this urgency, to collectively transform the world towards the vision of a peaceful, just, and progressive world.


Appreciating the ‘Why’ of Volunteering

We can describe volunteering as an act or service willingly given, one that expects nothing in return for the time and resources we have dedicated for a cause, advocacy or vision. 

It is a personal expression of our willingness to contribute to something far greater than ourselves––one that can be expressed in an infinite number of ways whether through the simple act of listening to the unheard or providing basic necessities such as food and water, shelter, and livelihood opportunities to the vulnerable and neglected. 

Moreover, it is widely acknowledged that volunteering is important for so many reasons such as tackling poverty, empowering minorities, comforting the abused and neglected, and so many more. Even the problems stated above are enough to get anyone going. 

And there are many ‘how’s’ in volunteering, but remembering the ‘why,’ of its value, depth, and meaning, is what grounds us to committedly doing so.

The act of volunteering is to value the lives of those beyond us. It is where we uphold, protect, and empower others to create that humble space for growth, so no one, not the animals, not the impoverished, not even the environment, would be left behind as we move forward.

Volunteering, quite heartily, is the earnest pursuit of empathy, justice, and happiness for all––one that always finds its way back to us. 

And in doing so, we create meaning for ourselves and an opportunity for others to create their own narratives, where one act of generosity may spark another. That ‘I’ mean something to the ‘We,’ just as how Mother Teresa humbly said, “We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.”

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