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Topic:  Youth Indigenas volunteer program

Starting date: 02/05/2022, duration: 7 days

Country: Peru

City: Cusco

Target group: Young people

Criteria: Knowledge of English, Age: 18 years old, Motivation

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Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Peru, and Canada World
Youth, organizers of the international volunteer program with
Canadian and Peruvian Indigenous youth.

The objective of the program is to offer the opportunity to young
Peruvian and Canadian Indigenous people to obtain intercultural
and professional experiences through work in international
development, supporting sustainable development projects in
Indigenous communities of Peru, schools, Civil associations.

The program is focused on developing with the objectives of sustainable
development specifically in: Gender Equity, environment, health,
governance and education in 05 communities of Peru (Coast, Sierra
and Selva).

This year the program has 2 stages: the first stage was a virtual
exchange between young Peruvians and Canadians.

The second is a face-to-face exchange, in the Cooper Alto Indigenous community
in the Chincheros_Cusco district, 10 Canadian Indigenous youth
and 5 Peruvian youth will participate, during this period from July 10
to August 8, 2022, the volunteers will live with host families and
carry out community development activities in this indigenous
community of Cusco.

  • :  Youth Indigenas volunteer program
  • : 02/05/2022
  • : 7 days
  • :
  • : Cusco
  • : Young people
  • : Knowledge of English, Age: 18 years old, Motivation

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