About Volunteering

VOLUNTEERING once in a life time opportunity

TIPS AND TRICKS for a successful and unforgettable experience.

The first thing that you have to consider is why you want to volunteer. Think about what volunteering can offer you – such as new skills, being with others, fun, an opportunity to make a difference or contribute to a cause that you believe in.

Then you have to ask yourself what you have to offer an organization. Is it time, enthusiasm, life skills, work skills, or passion about a cause? When you have an answer to that just decide how much time you can offer towards volunteering. Think about your schedule and how much of a commitment you can give.

The tricky part is to research volunteer opportunities. By searching you will find many opportunities for volunteers but you have to make sure that you know all the details before choosing. You can find worthy causes by searching the internet, through media (television, radio, newspaper), looking in the yellow pages, contacting organizations, and asking your friends and family.

After that you can do a research on the organization you plan to volunteer with. Contact them asking about more specific details that you might want to know and find out what requirements and skills are needed or what training is offered to new volunteers.

You will have some time to think about the new information and then you can decide if you are interested in and comfortable with working alone, one-on-one, or in a group setting (depends on the organisation). Do not rush into any decision think it thoroughly and rationally. If you believe that after having all the information you needed the cause you found is not for you then just search for another. Don’t give up, it is certain that you will find your place!

A good idea is to ask a friend to volunteer with you so you can have some company that shares the same experience at the same time. You can help each other and have fun together.

Remember that everyone can volunteer. There are many volunteering opportunities requiring varying skills and experience. Make sure that you find yours!

A smart tip for the first-timers is to find another person that had previously volunteered so they can share the experience. This person is a good resource to guide you through the application process and they will be there to answer your questions.

Last tip is to just do it! Volunteering is a great way to grow. And you will not regret it.

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