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How to choose the right type of volunteer work?

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Topic: News

Starting date: 26/06/2022, duration:

Country: VN

City: Ha Noi

Target group: from 18 year-old

Criteria: English skills

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Because of the variety of volunteer work, choosing the right one is extremely important. Otherwise, you and your host will just lose time. Here’s how to find your type of volunteer project and make it a win-win situation. 

First, you need to define your goals and expectations. There are many interesting types of volunteer work around the world so you might be confused to choosing which one is more suitable. To help you, I suggest you step back a little and ask yourself what you really expect from volunteering. Do you want to learn about a special field like environment? Or do you want to expand your social network? Or maybe just want to travel and learn about culture? Finding out what your personal goals are and choosing a volunteer this way is definitely important to participate in something you are convinced of in order to do good work and be truly committed to the project.

Second, do what makes you happy. If you love animals, work with animals. If you love connecting with people, go for a social project. And if you love being surrounded by nature, choose environmental volunteer work. Don’t force yourself into anything that you are not interested in this. Remember to find the right volunteering program which equals finding a project that meets your needs. Another way to start is to think about a place you always dreamed to visit, therefore, you will get closer to finding out your right volunteering works.

Last but not least, you should become aware of your skills, especially the professional and interpersonal ones. Do you know what skills make you stand out? It is obvious that empathy and compassion are as important as knowing how to teach something. If you are not sure about your skills, you can ask friends or someone who has experience in volunteering work. Looking through the projects will be a good way to be aware of your skill, or prepare for the skill in which you are not confident.

  • : News
  • : 26/06/2022
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  • : Ha Noi
  • : from 18 year-old
  • : English skills

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